Lamidi Apapa Reacts to Cap Removal Incident at Tribunal

The factional chairman of the Labour Party(LP), Pa Lamidi Apapa has reacted to the scene where a young man removed his cap during the tribunal proceedings on May 17.

During the pre-hearing of the petition by the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, and against president-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Wednesday, there was some level of drama.

Apapa had attempted to occupy one of the seats assigned to representatives of the party at the proceeding in Abuja.

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However, moments after a heated exchange as captured in videos widely shared on social media, Apapa was whisked out of the courtroom by police officers amid boos from LP supporters outside.

Apapa said he was left angered by an incident that occurred.
Specifically, he expressed his frustration towards the man who removed his cap.

He said:

The boy who removed my cap, he will suffer it in his life. I saw him, he’s a young chap, he will never grow old.”

He further denied claims of him taking bribes and acting against the will and interest of the Nigerian people.

He said:

On the allegation of bribe-taking, it’s not true. If you have your evidence to prove, bring your evidence that I have collected money or we’ve collected money from anybody. It’s absolutely untrue.”

Apapa was vexed that Peter Obi denied him of existence at the party. He insisted that the LP candidate was a “liar.”

He said:

“I don’t want to expose him, but he deserves to be exposed. Some time ago, in one of the interviews he (Obi) granted, he said he does not know me at all.

“I have been trying to cover him, but he does not deserve it. The reasons are this: This is a man, during his primary in Asaba, I did the opening prayer. And I was not a young officer. I was the deputy national chairman of the party. I have been 21 years in this party. I have held a lot of positions in this party to the level I am today.”