Lizzo Sets the Record Straight: Clarifies ‘Quitting’ Comment Wasn’t About Music


Lizzo, the talented American singer, felt the need to clear the air regarding a recent statement she made about quitting.

According to a report from DAILY REPORT, she expressed her frustration about being bullied for clout and mentioned that she was “quitting.” However, the 35-year-old singer has since explained that her statement wasn’t about quitting music but rather about refusing to give attention to negative energy.

In a heartfelt video message shared on her social media page, Lizzo elaborated on her clarification. She emphasized that her decision was not to step away from her music career but to stop allowing negativity to consume her attention. This clarification aims to provide context to her initial statement and ensure that her fans understand her intentions clearly.

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“When I say I quit, I mean I quit giving any negative energy attention… What I’m not gonna quit is the joy of my life, which is making music.”

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