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Man Loses His Lexus Jeep To Bet Store Owner

A Nigerian man has lost his car after using it to place a bet in Nnewi, Anambra state.A Twitter user, who made the revelation on the microblogging site, pointed out that the owner of the gambling shop “Izunna” has taken ownership of the Lexus jeep
The news got trending on social media people  have shared their thoughts on the sad incident, stating that his action is as a result of gambling addiction.The disclosure was made by a Twitter user identified as @Poshfelly, who said Izunna, the owner of the gambling shop, ended up taking ownership of the jeep after the owner lost the bet.Sharing a photo of the car on the microblogging site, @Poshfelly wrote:“You all know the price of this car, some guy used this car to place a bet in this town and lost. That’s how Izunna the owner of one small bet shop now owns a Lexus.”
Nigerians took to the comment section to express their shock over the man’s gambling addiction that cost him his car. They further advised others to stop gambling as it might be hard to stop when addicted.
Twitter user with the handle @GODSNEAR1 wrote:“I was shocked. Some guys na agba nzuzu. I wonder the eye ọ ga eji na ele that bet guy anytime he drives past. Imagine he came in the other night and met him sipping that Irish whisky. Mistakes that’ll hunt you for life.”Another Twitter user with the handle.@Bishop_Of_Peace wrote:“Spiritual wickedness in high places making men do abnormal things.”

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