Mistress Pours Housewife Hot Water in Lagos

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Mistress Pours Housewife Hot Water in Lagos | Daily Report Nigeria

33-year-old Mrs. Adeola Moshood has been placed in a critical condition by her husband’s mistress Precious Ahanonu, who poured hot water on her while she was sleeping.

Mrs. Adeola is currently at Gbagada General Hospital Lagos where she is receiving treatment.

The incident took place at Okerube in Abaranje area of Ikotun, Lagos, where the couple resides.

The husband of the victim, Aremu Moshood was said to have started a fish pond business and employed Precious to manage the business.
Along the line, he allegedly started having an affair with her and rented an apartment for her without the knowledge of his wife.

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After a while, Aremu’s business due to mismanagement folded up, leading to him not being able to carter for his family or even pay his rent.

Following eviction from his house, Aremu decided to move his family to his mistress’s house temporarily.
During their stay in the house, Mrs. Adeola discovered that her husband has been having an affair with Precious and has been the one paying her rent.

This resulted in a constant fight between the two women. Until that faithful day, Precious boiled hot water and poured it on Mrs. Adeola while she was sleeping at about 1.00 am.

She was immediately rushed to a hospital where she is being treated.

Precious was arrested after the incident by the Ikotun Division police and transferred to the SCID, Panti, Yaba area of Lagos for the attempted murder and assault.

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