Mohbad: Autopsy Result of Singer Finally Released

Police Announces Date to Give Update on Mohbad's Death

The highly anticipated autopsy results for the late singer Mohbad have been released, revealing that the cause of death remains undetermined due to the decomposition of his body.

According to a pathologist, the advanced state of decomposition at the time of the autopsy made it impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of death.

The pathologist stressed that prompt mortuary care after Mohbad’s passing on September 12, 2023, would have allowed for a more conclusive assessment.

Regarding the claims of fresh blood on Mohbad’s coffin, the pathologist explained that the reddish appearance was caused by a mixture of rainwater and soil during the exhumation process, not actual blood.

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The development clarification came after it was revealed that rain had fallen the day before the exhumation.

Furthermore, the pathologist dispelled rumors of Mohbad being buried alive, confirming that he had indeed passed away before burial.

He refuted allegations of strangulation, presenting evidence from the examination of neck tissues that showed no signs of trauma.

Also, samples of Mohbad’s liver and kidney were projected, confirming the absence of poisoning.

Before the pathologist delved into the details of Mohbad’s death, his father was excused from the courtroom. The next coroner’s hearing is scheduled for June 26, 2024, at 11 am.

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