N132bn Wasted on Frivolities Can Pay Over 55,083 Workers N100k Minimum Wage, Says BudgIT

Labour to Suspend Strike
The organized labour is set to suspend its planned nationwide strike


A civic-tech organization, BudgIT, has revealed that a staggering N132 billion was allocated to frivolous expenses in the 2024 budget, funds that could have been used to pay 55,083 workers a minimum wage of N100,000 monthly for two years.


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According to BudgIT’s report, “Opportunity Cost of Frivolities in the 2024 Budget”, the National Assembly’s budget alone contains N53.12 billion in frivolous allocations, enough to pay 22,083 workers a minimum wage of N100,000 monthly for two years.


The report highlights several examples of wasteful spending, including N4 billion for a National Assembly recreation center, N6 billion for a Senate and House of Representatives car park, and N2 billion for the purchase of SUVs.


The organization is urging lawmakers to redirect these funds to more pressing needs, such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

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Written by Sodiq Adelakun

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