Naira Scarcity: Man Demands Tithe Refund

Naira Scarcity: Man Demands Tithe Refund | Daily Report Nigeria

A certain man has asked his church to refund his tithe offerings over the years due to the current naira crisis rocking Nigeria.

The frustrated Nigerian man asked the church to return the money he was made to pay in the name of investing in the Kingdom of heaven.

The yet-to-be-properly-identified man explained in a video that his pastor had over the years preached the Bible verse Matthew chapter 6 VS 19 – 21 to make him invest in the church.

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The congregant claimed he was brainwashed by those teachings which was why he invested so much in the church.

According to him, due to the present hardship and how both the Nigerian government and banks failed him, he now wants to cash out on his investment in the church

He went on to provide the “Kingdom Investment” booklet that showed proof of the tithe he had paid for many years.

He further presented a sticker in his house that revealed he’s been with the church since 2013.

He added that he can forego the offering and other donations made to the church but not the tithe that he has evidence of.

He said:
I’m no longer interested in the kingdom of heaven.”


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