Newborn Baby Saved From Syria Earthquake

Newborn Baby Saved From Syria Earthquake | Daily Report Nigeria

Residents in a northwest Syrian town discovered a crying infant in the country’s earthquake with her umbilical cord still connected to her mother.

Reports has is that the mother gave birth to her while buried underneath the rubble of a five-story apartment building leveled by the recent devastating earthquake.

The baby was the only member of her family to survive the building collapse Monday in the small town of Jinderis, next to the Turkish border, Ramadan Sleiman.

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It was gathered that the rescuers found the baby on Monday afternoon, more than 10 hours after the quake struck.

A female neighbour cut the cord, and she and others rushed the baby to a children’s hospital in the nearby town of Afrin, where she has been kept in an incubator.

The baby’s body temperature had fallen to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and she had bruises, including a large one on her back, but fortunately in stable condition.

A physician, Maarouf said he believed the baby had been born about three hours before being found, given the amount her temperature had dropped.

Monday’s pre-dawn 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by multiple aftershocks, caused widespread destruction across southern Turkey and northern Syria. The death toll has surpassed 5,000 and continues to mount with more bodies discovered, reports stated.


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