Nigeria @60: A Country Full of Horror, Hunger and Death

By Rosemary John Oduone

Mediocrely, we, like hungry flies gather to worship and praise-sing the Nigerian feudal lords devilishly holding the destiny and souls of millions of Nigerians, while they gather in high places to celebrate and count their gains in the acrimonious Nigeria @60.

Why will I celebrate a nation that has raped and screwed the beautiful bride of (Olobiri) (ML-O1) for sixty two (62) years with no offsprings but pains and dryness.

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Why will I celebrate a nation where a man would be forced at gun point to sleep with his wife and the loins of his strength forcefully taken and fathered by a barren stranger from a strange land?

Why will I celebrate a country that is completely unproductive and it’s citizenry hopeless in the midst of wealth @60, when in actual sense it would’ve been a season of tributes and celebrations for national growth, peace, love and unity?

Why should I celebrate Nigeria @60 when my people die of cancer from crude oil and gas polluted creeks that flows from the western Ijo of Ondo in Apoi-Arogbo to the Eastern flank of Ijaw in Rivers State down to Akwa-Ibom state?

It is hypocritical to celebrate Nigeria @60 where source of livelihood no longer exist, citizens have begun to prey on each other for survival, criminality and terrorism have crossed the bar.

A country where Nepotism, ethnic cleansing and terrorism strive cannot be called a nation and absolutely needs not to be celebrated.

A country where unpatriotic and unholy bills carrying hidden agenda of some sections or group of people to enslave others and worthy of causing wars and chaos are sneaked into parliament by a government responsible for the protection of her citizens is not a country.

A federated system with zero federal character can only be described as federal darkness, certainly, not a country.

A country where a natural gift of crude oil and gas seat on my father’s ancestral home, farmlands and waterways are forcefully taken from me is a faulty system. It does not deserve my celebration.

A nation where laws are written to usurp a particular group and favours the wishes of the caliphates is a failed system. Nobody celebrate failure, I won’t be the first.

A country where mining laws are for the actual owners and the PIB is a national interest should not exist.

A country where some people’s pendulum swing only towards land grabbing through evil bills should be tagged a country of few. Few days ago was a grazing reserves demand to strategically own the peoples lands, yesterday, same controversial demand coined as “RUGA”. Today, is a systematical demand to own the coastlines, creeks and waterways through a fraudulent bill, which met a fenced defense by the people. What next we don’t know.

With the many travails we have endured since the birth of these 60 years old bully, we can say tomorrow is pregnant and we don’t know what horror and terror it would deliver. The question nagging sane minds at this time is.. do we continue to live amongst men who sits awake all nights planning to forcefully take over what belongs to others because power is in their hands?

Or we rise up as fearless breeds of Major Isaac Boro, Harold Dappa-Biriye. Captain Sam Owonaro and all the Ijaw warlords in the realm of sainthood?

Permit me to salute and give my lifetime allegiance to those who genuinely stood for true federalism, 100% Resource ownership and Environmental Justice.

My respect goes to Late. Chief DSP Alamieyesiegha and Late. Oronto Douglas of blessed memories. Both, until they left mother Earth, were champions of the sociopolitical and economic liberation of Niger Deltans, Resource Ownership and Environmental Justice.

To my Ijaw fallen Heroes, we continue to remember you, particularly, your blood, tears, strength and struggles for a better Niger Delta Region.

My call is for Ijaw Nation to Arise and be counted amongst the nations of men.

Oloibiri the beautiful Ijaw bride and her offsprings across the creeks, swamps, mangroves scattered along the river nun cries out for protection. Let us fearlessly defend, protect, guard and occupy our coastlines from further invasion.

Long Live The Ijaw Nation!
I Remain Your Humble Servant,
Rosemary John-Oduone.
President. IWC-Worldwide.

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