Nigeria Becoming the Next Afghanistan – Afenifere Leader

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Nigeria, The next Afghanistan?
The leader of Afenifere spoke on the future of Nigeria. He also added what it is to be expected if Nigeria is not structured in earnest. He said the future of Nigeria is uncertain without a restructure.

In an interview with The Sun, Adebanjo talked about the insecurity and other social problems faced by Nigeria.

When asked about the security situation which has become scary and if Nigeria can halt the slide to anarchy?
He responded that there is no security in Nigeria. He added that as long Buhari is still in power, Nigerians will continue to suffer from insecurity.

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Evidence is accusing him of being a contributor to terrorism.

A government that claims to fight terrorism has a terrorist sponsorer in its cabinet, he was talking about Pantami. Everyone in the country knows Pantami is a supporter of Al-Qaeda. Then the president concluded that it had been purified.

How does one get purified from the thoughts of his heart? For such a person like Pantamito to hold a position, it is suspicious and alarming.
Secondly, he asked to take a look when the President said he found a law that supports open grazing.

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This was after the Southern Governors refused the open grazing law. Open grazing has put the North at a security risk. It is the killing and kidnapping in the Northern part of Nigeria. With all these, the President still agreed to it.

In 2018 when Christians were attacked on Christmas Eve by these herdsmen, over 800 lost their lives. When the Gov. of Benue cried out for help, The president told him,

“Go and make friends with your neighbors.”
The same Fulani herdsmen that have been killing them.

Ahmed Abubakar Gumi, the terrorist negotiator, freely visits these herdsmen for dialogues. But the Nigerian army claims not to know where they were.

Then these bandits will ask relatives of the kidnap to pay ransoms for their kidnapped family and this Gumi is the conveyor of the news.

Has he been arrested and brought for questioning?
From the points above, nothing will change if Buhari remains in government.

The Attack on The NDA
He said that the attack was so saddening and gruesome, the country was put in a shameful condition.

The Academy is meant to be one of the safest places in the country. The Nigerian flag should have been worn at half-mast.

But neither a speech was given nor was the mast worn halfway. Buhari and his security aides lack competence.

A failure to Nigeria that ought to be dishonorably discharged from office.
Till today, the bandits are moving freely.

Is Nigeria the next Afghanistan?
He said Nigeria is slowly going down the same lane Afghanistan went.

He said the insurgents, terrorists like Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen are taking the lead in the country, just like the Taliban in the East.

Boko Haram shares the same vision as the Taliban. Everything they do is working in that direction.

A stage of self-help?
The people of Katsina State have taken laws and their security into their own hands. The state and the federal government have failed them woefully. The Emir of Muri also advised his people to defend themselves.

The incapability of the government brought about this result. It is wickedness if a person neglects his duty and lets people die. He was unsupportive when people rose to set up their state security outfits.

Even after Amotekun finally came on board, he refused them from carrying arms. This person expects them to face bandits and kidnappers who have sophisticated weapons. The president has failed us all.

Do the Northern states need a declaration of a state of emergency?
The Afenifere leader said every part of Nigeria needs a state of emergency. The presidential office should be cleared also. Nigeria needs a change. A competent government.

2023 Election: What will be the fate of Nigeria?
If a Leader like Adebanjo does not believe in the 2023 election, there’s nothing much anymore. He said that talks about the 2023 election are aimed at diverting attention and focus.

He advised that the constitution should be changed and restructured. Nigeria should also be restructured to federalism before any talk about the 2023 election.

Is Restructuring the Key to Moving forward?
He said before restructuring is talked about, there is a need for constitutional change. The 1999 military constitution must be changed. If we are talking about restructuring, it must cut across all necessary.

The 1999 constitution was designed by the military to fit their rule. Just like the 1966 constitution was changed by these same military men. There are so many laws that trample on rights. Until a restructure happens, there will continue to be the likes of Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kalu.

Does Nigeria have a future?
He said he doesn’t see any future in Nigeria if the constitution isn’t changed. According to the Anifere leader, he said that President Muhammadu Buhari is the enemy of this country. He is a corruption and terrorist supporter.

“Until he goes back to the constitution we had during independence, there will be no peace in Nigeria,” said Adebanjo.

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