Nigeria Police Release Zfancy After Prank Video Controversy


The Nigeria Police Force recently confirmed the release of Zfancy, a popular skit maker and prankster, following his arrest in Abuja by the NPF-National Cybercrime Centre on July 4. Zfancy had been apprehended due to prank videos that falsely implicated individuals in serious crimes, such as rape. This incident sparked significant attention and concern regarding the boundaries of online content creation and its impact on public perception and safety.

In an update provided by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, it was disclosed that Zfancy was released on bail under the custody of representatives from the Practitioners of Content Creation, Skit-Making and Influencers Guild of Nigeria (PCCSIGN). This decision came after scrutiny revealed that the videos in question were scripted, intended solely for entertainment purposes rather than malicious intent.

Adejobi emphasized the cautionary aspect of this incident, warning Zfancy against engaging in pranks that could potentially disrupt public order or cause undue panic. The Police statement underscored the need for responsible use of social media platforms, especially among content creators who wield significant influence over youthful audiences. The directive aimed to encourage positive and constructive creativity while discouraging the dissemination of misinformation that could incite public unrest.

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Moving forward, the Nigeria Police Force urged all stakeholders within the digital content creation sphere to uphold ethical standards and ensure that their content contributes positively to societal discourse.

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