Nigerian Man Detained in UK for Killing Wife

A Nigerian man, Olubunmi Abodunde, who moved to the United Kingdom (UK) in 2022 with his wife, has been detained for her murder.

Abodunde, a trained civil engineer, had hoped to find better employment opportunities in the UK, but his wife, Taiwo, secured a job first.

He struggled to find work in his field and took on shifts at Tesco and Wickes. The couple’s relocation was marked by disputes over bills and infidelity accusations, primarily from the husband.

The Suspect has since changed his plea to guilty, seeking a more lenient sentence.

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During the fatal confrontation, police officers heard loud banging sounds from inside the house, where he had been previously banned from entering. Upon gaining entry, they found Taiwo lifeless on the floor.

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The presiding judge, Martyn Levett, warned Abodunde that he could face life imprisonment. The investigation revealed that Abodunde had returned to the residence to retrieve his phone, despite a court order barring him from entering.

Also, the autopsy showed that Abodunde had choked Taiwo until she lost consciousness, fractured her ribs, and struck her with a skateboard until she died.

The prosecution argued that the banging sounds heard by officers likely occurred after Taiwo was unconscious or deceased.

Abodunde claimed self-defense, alleging his wife had threatened him with a knife, but no knife was found at the scene.

He was subsequently taken for a mental evaluation to assess his mental state during the crime.


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