Nigerians Blame Buhari for Everything Including Poor Performance in Bed— Femi Adesina

By Tapre Timine
1 Min Read

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has pointed out that Nigerians accuse President Buhari wrongly.

Adesina lamented that some Nigerians blame Buhari all their shortfall including poor performance in bed.

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He viewed that Nigerians blame Buhari because “resentment is their daily food and drink.”

He lamented that Nigerians see the president as their “fall guy.”

Adesina disclosed this in his weekly article titled; ‘I Still Believe In Buhari’ shared on his Facebook.

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It reads in part;

Resentment is a poor prop for anyone to lean on, goes another saying. But not for some Nigerians. Resentment is their daily food and drink, and they heap all the problems in the country on the head of the President if it rains too much.

Blame Buhari. It doesn’t rain at all. Buhari is the cause. A man gets to bed at night no power. Buhari oooo. The President is the fall guy for everything.”

Again, he added that Nigerians blame Buhari for the “parlous security situation in the land.”

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