Obi Asika Praises Eedris Abdulkareem’s Courageous Stand for Nigerian Artists

Obi Asika

In a recent episode of the Hip TV program, Trending, veteran talent manager and music executive, Obi Asika, shared his perspective on the controversial singer Eedris Abdulkareem.

Asika highlighted Eedris’ bold stance in defending Nigerian artists during American rapper 50 Cent’s concert in Nigeria back in 2004. Despite potential risks to his personal safety, Eedris fearlessly confronted the unfair treatment of local talents.

Asika commended Eedris for his courage and emphasized the significance of his actions in advocating for the rights of Nigerian artists.

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“The basic situation was this, Nigerian brands did not respect Nigerian artists. They made Nigerian talents feel like they have to beg to get on stage. They diminished them. Now, they are complaining that Nigerian artists are costing too much. It is because the brands didn’t respect the first set.

“Eedris was one of the first set. He was one of the biggest artists in the country. He told the organisers of the show that he wanted the same rights as 50 Cent. They did a show in Lagos, they were supposed to go to Benin or Port Harcourt, so they got into the plane… 50 Cent wasn’t even there at that time. Eedris went to sit in the business class properly to discuss collaboration with 50 Cent but he was bounced out and an altercation ensued.

“What he did, he took a bullet for other artists coming behind him. Because they ended his career. After that whole thing happened, you didn’t see him [popping] again. They painted him like he is a trouble maker but he is not a trouble maker.”

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