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OpenAI CEO Launches Worldcoin Crypto Project

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, along with co-founders Alex Blania and Max Novendstern, launched the Worldcoin crypto project, unveiling their vision of providing users with a verified digital identity and access to a global financial network.

The official announcement on Worldcoin’s website confirmed the launch of the project, which offers users a private digital identity known as the “World ID.” 


To ensure the authenticity of each identity, individuals must register in person and have their unique iris pattern scanned by an imaging device called the “Orb.”

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One of the primary goals of Worldcoin is to establish verified private digital identities, which will play a crucial role in distinguishing humans from AI in the online world.

Furthermore, the company introduced the Worldcoin token, a cryptocurrency that can now be transacted on the blockchain in specific locations. 

The beta testing phase saw millions of participants signing up for a World ID, indicating early interest in the project.

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The overarching ambition of Worldcoin is to create the largest identity and financial public network globally, with potential implications for increasing economic opportunities. 

Also, facilitating secure human-AI differentiation while preserving privacy, supporting democratic processes on a global scale, and potentially exploring avenues for AI-funded universal basic income.


After three years of development, Worldcoin is deploying 1,500 Orbs across various locations worldwide to enable millions more to register for the World ID.

While Altman and Blania acknowledged the uncertainty that comes with such an ambitious endeavor, they expressed their belief that trying innovative solutions like Worldcoin is necessary for progress. 

They both emphasized that this marks the beginning of a long journey and while challenges may arise, they are hopeful that Worldcoin will eventually empower every human through rapid iteration and continuous improvement.


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