Elites Behind Insecurity in Nigeria – Vice President Osibanjo

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Elites Behind Insecurity in Nigeria - Vice President Osibanjo | Daily Report Nigeria

The Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osibanjo has disclosed and censured the Nigerian elite for the promotion of insecurity.

The VP declared this on Thursday while delivering an address titled “National and regional insecurity” at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Abuja.

Also emphasized by the VP was the irresponsibility of the elite when it comes to addressing the scourge of insecurity.

Insecurity as reported is being promoted through ethnic and regional utterances, sentiments, and activities.

Osibanjo advised that the return to unanimity by the elite and other Nigerians is the antidote to the topic of insecurity that has pervaded every part of the country.

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Osibanjo said: “Some of the elite can’t come to a consensus when it comes to insecurity. Most elite who were promoting ethnic agenda depends on dubious activities in promoting regional and ethnic cards. The elite use that to acquire more for themselves. Our political, economic, and religious elite should be socially irresponsible.”

“Either by selfish interest or lack of self-awareness are unable to build the social and political consensus upon which a just and orderly society can start. They promote tribal and religious frontline for legitimacy.”

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