Peter Igbifa: Parliament Moves to Impeach IYC President Over ‘Incompetence’

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The 5th Mobile Parliament of the Ijaw Youths Council, on Wednesday, moved a motion to impeach the President of Council, Peter Igbifa on the grounds of incompetence.

The motion, raised by Ellington Bakumor, representative II, Obotebe Clan, accused the 8th President of Council of being nonchalant with his duties, to the detriment of Ijaw Nation.

The motion which fell under the Matters of Urgent Public Importance agendum during Wednesday’s plenary at Obotobo I, Ogulagha Clan, read;

“I write today with grief in my heart on the very sorry State of council.

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“Mr Speaker, honorable colleagues you will agree with me that if not for the commitment of some dogged National Officers and other very conscious members of council including capable leaders of this parliament led by your honorable self, IYC would have gone into extinction.

“You will all agree with me today that the once very vibrant IYC that attracted some of us to join the struggle from far away Ghana have become a laughing stock both in the eyes of the Federal Government the Multinationals and our neighbors whom before this time trembles at the hearing of the chant Asawana-wana.

“The most feared and most vibrant Youth group in the whole of sub-saharan Africa have become a shadow of her former self because we have an incompetent, and non chalant leader at the top, a Leader who has not addressed Ijaw Nation, not even the Nigerian Nation and multinationals since he ascended to the position of President of IYC, a president who declared an ultimatum to NDDC and multinationals, but went missing in time of action with a vague and unverified stories of kidnap 24 hours to the deadline of the ultimatum after cashing out.

“A president whom by all induction have gone into extinction trying to see out the remainder of his tenure, My fellow distinguished colleagues I’m sure you’re all aware that this is not what is deserving for Ijaw Nation, at this very crucial period of our Nation’s history, we cannot continue to have a dormant president at this perilous time where our collective coexistence as a Nation is being questioned.

“So Mr Speaker, very respected colleagues after very thorough and crucial assessment of the above very worrisome issues on the status of Council.

“History will not be fair to us if we sit down and pretend that all is well, and it will be a great disservice if we do nothing it is in the light of this that, I Hon Ellington Bakumor Rep two representing the good people of Obotebe Clan western Zone hear by move for the impeachment of the President on the grounds of Incompetence, nonchalance, financial misappropriation and deliberate jettisoning of Official duties for other National Officers due to his obvious failures and disservice to nature Nation.”

Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Bob Collins Igetei, however, upon receipt of the petition, “expressly transfered” the motion to the House Committee on Petition and Privileges.

Watch video of Ellington Bakumor moving the motion to impeach the IYC President, Peter Igbifa.

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