Reactions after President Compared Oil Prices With Saudi Arabia

Nigerians have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to increase the country’s minimum wage to the standard of Saudi Arabia.

This was a reaction to a statement he made during the country’s 60th independence anniversary speech on Thursday, when he said the price of petrol per litre in the Asian country was more than the amount it was being sold in Nigeria.

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He added that it is not sensible for Nigeria to sell petrol cheaper than Saudi Arabia.

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Nigerians urged the President not to only compare oil prices but also compare minimum wage and development in Saudi Arabia.

“The analysis is 100 per cent correct. It is pertinent to also note the economic competence and strength of these aforementioned countries. Unemployment rate in Saudi is not as compared to the hike in Nigeria. Or should we talk about the minimum wage. It is wrong comparing oil price,” @akiyaks tweeted.

@MadukaGodwin2 said, “This country you mentioned, you did not mention how they have steady power supply, standard and modern infrastructure. All we do is the up boost of poverty in Nigeria. I still believe in my country. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.”

@TosinOlugbenga wrote, “Mr President, should we list other things that don’t make sense also happening in Nigeria and not in other countries. Do you know Nigerians are being kidnapped daily by both civil criminals and police criminals. Does the cost of governance make sense in Nigeria?”

@pappy_omada said, “True Mr President, but do we have and share the same standard of living with the aforementioned countries?”

@Official_munier tweeted, “How can you compare Egypt, Saudi Arabia with the current situation we are facing in Nigeria. We have a higher rate of unemployment, terrorism, insecurity and just recently a governor’s convoy was attacked. People are living their villages because of insecurity. They can’t farm, most of them can’t ever find their family. Look at the situation we are facing from your state, Katsina.”

@ade_wonu_ola tweeted, “If we’re comparing oil prices, then we should be comparing everything. We’re talking minimum wage, education, in fact, life. This increase is not helping the average Nigerian (especially the poor), sir. You should do something that will make life better for the masses not this.”

@Musashuwa84 said, “Compare us with them in terms of development and economy, not in petrol price. These countries that you mentioned are richer, developed than us. Even if they sell it more than this, they will still make it. But citizens are suffering and feeding from hand to mouth.”

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