Students Protest As Bauchi Govt Moves to Separate Boys, Girls in Schools

By Tapre Timine
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Students from various secondary schools have staged a protest in Bauchi to express their disapproval of the state government’s decision to separate male and female students in all secondary schools.

The development followed as the students resumed the 2022/2023 academic session on Monday, September 19.

Accordding to the Bauchi State commissioner for education, Aliyu Tilde, the government has concluded plans to separate male and female students in secondary schools.

However, speaking at the Bauchi State Executive Council meeting with newsmen, Tilde said the new policy will only be enforced whenever and wherever it was possible.

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Noting the reason for the development, he said it was for moral decadence, which according to him, has become prevalent among students of secondary schools.

Tilde said private schools would follow suit and separate the boys from the girls.

The males would be attending their academic activities in one institution and the females in another separate institution.

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