Tantita: Ozobo Demands NNS Beecroft Commander, Oguntuga’s Sack

Comrade Austin Ozobo
Comrade Austin Ozobo

Renowned Niger Delta rights and environmental activist, Comrade Ozobo Austin has has called on President Bola Tinubu to withdraw NNS Beecroft Commander of Lekki Lagos, Commodore Kolawole Olumide Oguntuga from service over an alleged abuse of office.

According to Ozobo, Oguntuga deliberately incited crisis by framing up High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo to pave way for illicit oil activities in the Nigerian waters.

In a statement on Monday, Ozobo said Oguntuga contradicted and compromised his oath of office by placing personal interest above service to the country and therefore he should shamefully resign or be forcefully removed from service to avoid further provocation in the Niger Delta.

The activist argued that Oguntuga’s action action of deliberately framing operatives of Tantita Security Services Limited to cover up illicit activities in the waterways is desperation taken too far, describing it as an abuse of office.

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Ozobo added that Oguntuga had ridiculed and dented the hard-earned reputation of the Nigerian Navy and should be immediately removed from service.

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The statement reads, “We are aware of the face-off between Navy and Tantita over the intercepted vessel Ladden with stolen crude which was being escorted by the Nigerian Navy sometime in July 2023.

“It is glaring that the Navy is on a voyage of vendetta against Tompolo’s Tantita security outfit because of what has transpired.

“Again, the Navy is doing this to dent Tompolo’s reputation to stop the federal government from renewing the pipeline surveillance contract to him as they see Tompolo’s Tantita security outfit as a problem to the illegal activities Navy and other security outfits are carrying out on the waterways.

“Mr President, Oguntuga should be investigated to unravel his motive of manipulating, fabricating, and framing up innocent Tompolo’s Tantita security operatives while on active duty of protecting the nation’s oil resources from sabotage.

“Mr. President, it is glaring that some of these Navy officials and other conventional security outfits are agents of oil thieves. They are angry, that Tompolo is stopping them from the illicit activities in which they making huge money which they use in building mansons, luxurious hotels and cars.

“Mr. President, desperate oil cabals are fighting and fabricating all manners of blackmails to deceive you not to renew the security contract for Tompolo, as to create room for more sabotage of the nation’s oil resources.

“Mr President you have witnessed the achievements of the sustained fight against oil theft by Tantita security operatives.

“These should be sustained if we experience upward progress in oil daily output in the country. I can tell you for free that all these mischievous blackmails are fought back by the cabals of the oil theft, using highly placed security officials as an instrument.

“Mr. President, the decision is up to you, whether Nigeria should move forward or retrogress. These are simple tricks and deceptions aiming at stopping the renewal of the security contract awarded to Tompolo.

“However, we demand that NNS Beecroft Commander, Oguntuga should be removed from service to avoid further provocation in Niger Delta,” he added.

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Written by Tare Magbei

Tare Magbei is a media practitioner with Daily Report Nigeria.

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