The Elita Foundation Provides Succour For Homeless Kids in Rivers

The world is filed with varying hopeless situations ranging from homelessness, hunger, poverty to many in need of medical care.

While revered organizations like the World Health Organization, USAID, UNESCO and the likes play their lot in trying to ameliorate the averse effects of these needs, the place for individually motivated organizations cannot be overemphasized.

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Enter in The Elita Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization centered around catering for kids in riverine/coastal areas.

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Very much still in it’s incubation stages, the foundation has taken up the burden to see to it that children in the government forsaken Niger Delta creeks are given access to basic education.

The Elita Foundation underwent it’s maiden succour rendering campaign on September 13, 2020, when it visited Nkoro/Opobo communities in Rivers state.

Led by it’s young president, Miss Elizabeth Apataimini, a product of the creeks herself, the mandate was simply to reach out to children who lived in a dilapidated military mortuary in the area.

According to Miss Apataimini, “though the Foundation is still in it’s early stages, we saw the need to reach out to these kids the least basic way we could, seeing the conditions they are in.”

Quizzed on some of the conditions the children faced, she said “the dilapidated military mortuary they occupied exposes them to varying degrees of harm both in health and otherwise.”

“They had no clothes to wear, no food to eat and the rain and sunshine was on their heads,” she continued.

“While we only could provide food items and clothing for them, we are filled with hope that better accommodation would also be provided for them,” she added.

The beneficiaries had their faces covered with big smiles depicting ‘hope has come in our hopelessness.’

Miss Apataimini simply gathered courage and had so much optimism to express at the end of exercise.

“These children represent the beginning of what the Foundation hope achieve in our bid to reach out to children in the creeks in no distant time,” she enthused.

The move by the Elita Foundation is duly inline with the United Nation’s theme for the 2020 World Peace Day, “Shaping Peace Together” through acts of compassion, hope and benevolence.

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Written by Tare Magbei

Tare Magbei is a media practitioner with Daily Report Nigeria.

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