Toyin Abraham Seeks Reconciliation with Funke Akindele, Reflects on Their Rivalry in Nollywood

Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Toyin Abraham has reached out to her colleague Funke Akindele, seeking to mend their strained relationship. The two have been seen as fierce competitors in the Nigerian box office, with a history of rivalry and tension.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Abraham acknowledged that their enmity had been fueled by gossip, causing them to become “persona non grata” to each other. She mentioned that their rivalry began in the Yoruba movie industry and carried over to Nollywood when both transitioned to the Nigerian-English cinema scene.

However, Abraham stated that with age and wisdom, she has come to understand that competition doesn’t have to mean negativity. She expressed her desire to build a healthier and more positive relationship with Akindele while still allowing room for friendly competition in the industry.

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She wrote, “In the English industry, Aunty Funke and I continued the rivalry sort of. It pitted our fans against each other. We are two competitive Virgo women, we love to win and sometimes in that process, we splash dirt and mud. But with time, age, and more wisdom, I have realized we can compete without being negatively competitive.

“Aunty Funke, I celebrate you for showing us what is possible. You are a winner. You sold over 1B, you made it possible for other women to dream. You ran us street with that 1B o, this year, many of us will move to 1B and we pray God makes you bigger. Thank you for making great movies and selling them like your life depends on it. You taught other women to hustle harder.

“I had set records in box office records, Aunty came and beat them, today I am happy because she has challenged me to set higher goals. Sis, let’s compliment each other even in competition at the box office, I owe you one post in December (only 1 o, I need to sell market…Lol). I pray that God will make all your dreams come true. I admire you and wish you all the best.”

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