Tracy Chapele: The Queen of Pidgin English Sports Commentary

Who is Tracy Chapele?

One of Africa’s best female pidgin sports commentators, Chief Tracy Chapele-Ugo, the new Urboho chief, is referred to as “Suo The Queen Of Sports” and has a specialization in football, basketball, and athletics.

Tracy Chapele-Ugo is an accomplished sports journalist with a track record of success in the broadcast media sector.

She is a powerful media and communication professional with an admirable disposition for producing interesting organic sports content using her distinctive approach to storytelling, video, news writing, and presenting.

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She is the first Urhobo woman to inherit her father’s traditional title in 100 years, after receiving the traditional title of The Okugbe 2 of the Udu Kingdom in the Urhobo region of Delta State.

She is from Urhobo land in Delta State. Tracy graduated from the University of Benin with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons.) in English and Literature.

Who is Tracy Chapele: The Queen of Pidgin English Sports Commentary
Tracy Chapele, the Okugbe of Udu Kingdom

She is one of the most recognizable pidgin sports journalists in Africa and is working to have a successful career in digital and sports journalism.

She presently hosts the nation’s first-ever pidgin sports program on Inspiration 92.3FM, Nigeria’s top family radio station.

She worked as a broadcaster and producer for the station’s most popular online sports programming at Sports Radio 88.9 Brila FM, the best sports radio station in Africa. She has been on several BBC programs.

Tracy also works with companies like Access Bank PLC, NairaBet, Kwese Free Sports, and Revelation Properties as a digital content producer, presenter, and commentator.

Who is Tracy Chapele: The Queen of Pidgin English Sports Commentary
Tracy Chapele on duty

On channels like Supersports, Channels TV, Plus TV Africa, Star Times, NTA, AIT, Fuze NG, etc., she hosts and provides live sports analysis.

She is a young talent with strong people skills, is well-traveled, and has interviewed some of the biggest names in sports.

In 2018, she also attended an IAAF Media Training and Certification seminar and the AFRICAN ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Being a participant in the planning group for the African Athletics Championship and Ultra-Marathon Race.

She made her stage debut at the TEDx Lagos State University and her acting debut in the acclaimed African Magic sitcom “Flatmates” in 2019.

Tracy Chapele-Ugo is a proud employee of The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and a member of both the Association of International Sports Press and the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria.

She portrays herself as “part-time a journalist and full-time an adventurer.”

Her love for the grind motivates her to get up in the morning for her job.

She feels blessed as she loves her job and is glad she is gifted with a chance every day to be that person who creates that special moment, when their favorite player scores that goal, for millions of Nigerians all over spurs me to always want to upskill, upscale, find fresh, innovative ways to express and be at my best.

She believes that this content explosion will allow pidgin sports commentary to catch on and move into mainstream entertainment, documentaries, etc.

And a live-stream pidgin commentator will be available at the earliest opportunity for events like presidential elections, rocket launches, inaugurations, etc.

But this can only occur once the basis is firmly established and unshakeable, so she is quite interested to see how this journey evolves during a period this vibrant and unexpected.

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