Transfer Update: Mbappe Rejects PSG’s Contract Offer

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Mbappe Rejects PSG's Contract | Daily Report Nigeria
Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe turns down PSG’s juicy offer
According to reports from France, Kylian Mbappe declined an offer at the last minute of the transfer window from PSG.

This is an offer that would make him the highest-paid player in the world of football. But he chose to decline and not renew his contract.

Not even a PSG offer could keep him.
Real Madrid tried everything and even more to convince PSG during the transfer window on how much they wanted Mbappe. They desperately wanted to land Kylian Mbappe during the transfer window.

Paris Saint-Germain decided they will not sell him but try to keep the French phenom on their team.

Regardless of their offers to convince him to stay on the team, the reports out from France divulge that Mbappe has no interest in staying on the team. He turned down the offer from the club to extend his contract by signing a new deal.
In anticipation of Mbappe’s contract lapse by the end of the campaign, PSG proposed an extension of his deal that was worth around $53 million a year.

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Had he accepted, he would have been the highest-paid player in the world. This would have also made him the richest in terms of salary. How he chose to decline is still surprising.

What is next for Real Madrid?
What do you think is the way forward for Mbappe? It was expected that the forward would extend his deal then sign with a new team in the next transfer window. But for Real Madrid, it means they’ll probably just have to be a little patient. Wait a little more to get the man of their dreams.
Mbappe has always expressed his dream to play for Madrid. He is hoping for that move to happen this summer. Unfortunately, the PSG board weren’t here for happily ever after, as Madrid offered more than $200 million for him. They were ready to break their bank just to get him.

“PSG’s second renewal offer to Kylian Mbappé – rejected by the forward – would have made him the highest-paid player at the club – at €45m/year on a deal until 2024. (Le Parisien)— Get French Football News (@GFFN) August 31, 2021”
All these are pointers that the Ligue 1 side is doing everything to win the Champions League this season. With the legendary Lionel Messi on their side, PSG has a great opportunity to win.

The board calculated that having Mbappe still on the team will increase their chances. In all, Mbappe deal will be off with PSG this year’s end. If he gets signed at any club other than Real Madrid, it will be surprising.

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