Turn By Turn: Unveiling Coded Buku’s 8th Studio Album

Music is an essential part of human life, providing entertainment and succour at different times and to different people.

For the Ijaw entertainment industry, music goes beyond just entertaining the listener; it is a wisdom ocean an average listener draws from to fill inherent vacuums.

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Such is the level of expectation placed on the shoulders of an Ijaw musician, leaving him with no options other than putting on his think-tank to assuage even the most wary of his would-be listener.

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Enter in Coded Buku with Turn by Turn, a piece reiterating the role of timing in the consistent unfolding events of life and how every man would be attended to no matter how long it takes.

Time, a phenomenon even God the Creator of the universe and nature responds to effortlessly.

In Turn by Turn, Buku takes his listener through the path of self examination in the pursuit of a predetermined place in destiny.

Quizzed on the birth of the theme in his latest melody, the dark and petite Ekogbene-born multi-talented singer simply answered “it’s all about the life we live” with no hesitation.

Continuing, Buku narrates that the inspiration behind his latest tune was none other than a man he calls a leader, Victor Tonlagha, who inspired the theme after the two had met to book the former for an event.

According to the singer, “some good words from my leader, Victor Tonlagha motivated me to make the song turn by turn.”

“After he add booked me to play in a show at BB Hotel, he advised and encouraged me to wait for God’s time in everything I do in life, even in my musical career.”

“He said to me, Buku, you have a very good talent but please, do not be in a hurry in life.”

“He also said to me, this my office you are seeing, the cars, the houses and everything was built with time.”

The talented guitarist saw the need to pass the same message to the “upcoming youths and leaders in Ijaw Nation, reiterating that life is turn by turn. Wait for you turn,” he emphasized.

Buku further explains that there is absolutely no need to hate on a fellow human over their success, as one could be tempted to veer off track in their journey of life.

“When you are jealous of your neighbor’s progress, it could even create health problems in your life. You could develop a high blood pressure when you see them due to your jealousy for them” he added.

Whatever your pursuit in life is, Buku insists that your time must surely come.

“Whether you want to become a governor, president, or any other political office you may think of, wait for your TURN.”

“Do not even kill your fellow human over power, for even the power you have, you would lose it someday. It will not be with you forever,” he stated.

On the flip side, Buku dedicated one of the three tracks to fallen Egbema-born activist, Hon Famous Belief Wonekiri-ebi, who was gruesomely murdered on the 18th of May 2020, in the Udu axis of Delta state.

Late Famous Belief Wonekiri-ebi

Buku narrates that the late Famous was a brother to him as they both shared a room in school and even in their musical journey with Chief Joseph Ekeremieye.

Famous Belief was the Spokesman of the Ijaw Interest Advocates otherwise known as Izanzan Camp. He was also the Manager of Chief Joseph Ekeremieye’s band for several years.

Apparently, since music revolves around the day to day issues of life, Buku talked about the dreaded Coronavirus that has ravaged every country in the world on the last track of the album.

Turn by Turn is a must-have and a must-listen album for every Ijaw and everyone who understands the language.

Turn by Turn is assuredly an ocean of wisdom it’s listener would definitely draw and benefit from. Grab your copy at the nearest music store.

Coded Buku is the Managing Director of the Young Talented Super Stars Band of Africa.

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