Uzor Arukwe Reveals Social Media Followers Once Key to Landing Nollywood Roles

Uzor Arukwe

Nollywood star Uzor Arukwe revealed that there was a point when having a strong social media presence was necessary to get movie roles from some producers in Nigeria.

According to him, many filmmakers would choose actors based on their follower count instead of their acting skills. This approach posed a significant challenge for him when he was a struggling actor.

“I remember all so clearly when I started. It was a big problem for me,” the 40-year-old actor told Pulse in a recent interview.

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“There was a time in this industry when it was mostly about Instagram and Twitter followers, and stuff like that. I didn’t understand it but knew it was something I had to be at peace with, because a production house wants to hire you and they’re looking at your numbers. ‘But can he act?’ That is the question I always ask. But there are some people who are blessed who are fantastic actors who have numbers and they’ve been doing well.”

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