Why I Arrested Kizz Daniel in Tanzania – Show Promoter, Stephen Uwa

By Daily Report Nigeria
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Stephen Uwa, a Nigerian show promoter in Tanzania, has given insights to why Kizz Daniel was arrested.

An embittered Stephen explained that the Buga crooner failed to perform at the event he was billed for because the airline he failed to deliver one of his bags.

According to the heartbroken promoter, Kizz Daniel said the gold chain he wanted to wear was in the same bag, and that he would not perform without it.

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The singer refused to listen to pleas from different individuals to overlook the bag and perform to avoid an embarrassment on the part of the event organizers.

Kizz Daniel was arrested by the Tanzanian police on Monday for failing to perform at the he was paid in full.

Uwa, who spoke with Daddy Freeze on a live session said he paid Daniel $60,000 to appear at the show.

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The promoter went further to explain that he spent over $300,000 to put up the show that had partnerships from Martel, Pepsi and other big companies.

”He said the airline didn’t bring his bag that is why he cannot perform because his gold chain is not there and he had a gold chain on his neck. He wanted everything.”

”My company is new here. PaulO is the one I booked Kizz from. PaulO cried all night trying to beg this guy ‘Please go to this show’, he called in from America!

“I paid this guy $60, 000 to perform on this show . I went down on my knees. I was like ‘Bro, you are damaging me. I am trying to build my company here.

“You are going to damage me’. I begged this guy ‘Save my career, save me”. I was on the table with Kizz Daniel for like five hours begging him, kneeling for him”

Stephen said the whole venue was damaged as the angry fans destroyed some of the items brought in by the sponsors of the show.

The promoter said a the lowest table for the event was sold for $5000, while the highest table went for $10,000, adding that government functionaries formed part of guests who were disappointed by Kizz Daniel.

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