Why I Stopped Being an Atheist – Majid Michel

Tapre Timine
Tapre Timine
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Actor Majid Michel has asked the public, especially those who do believe in God to know Him personally and as their source.

Michel revealed this in a recent interview session with TV3.

He said:
There is one thing I want you to know. There is a God. If you are an atheist and you are out there, I used to be in a place like that, fine. But there is a God. Not just a God, but there’s a God who has a will. Find him and have a relationship.”

Advising those who have lost their faith in the things of God, he said:
He’s close to you. He never went anywhere. You are the one that left. So come back, start talking to Him, and He has a will for you. always remember, and don’t forget that.”

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