Woman Stabs Husband To Death, Cuts Off Penis

Woman Stabs Husband To Death, Cuts Off Penis | Daily Report Nigeria

A woman identified as Florencia Amado Cattaneo has allegedly stabbed her husband, Pedro Federico Zarate to death and cut off his penis.

Pedro who was before his death a trumpet player was found dead in their apartment in the Altos de San Lorenzo area of Argentina.

The 41-year-old suspect has been arrested by police for the horrific murder and sent for psychiatric assessment.

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It was further reported that aside from cutting off the man’s penis, she also left a knife buried in his eyeball.

The deceased was found with the knife embedded in his eye and his genitals mutilated.

The suspect – a psychologist – was arrested on 11th January after fleeing to her mother’s house in a taxi ‘with bloodstains on her hands’, her sister Patricia told local media.

Her husband’s body was found by his sister-in-law on the bed at the apartment he shared with his wife and five-year-old son.

He had stab wounds all over his body, including his chest, and his genitals were mutilated.

Amado Cattaneo has been admitted to the psychiatric ward of a medical centre in La Plata, where she will undergo tests.

The victim, native of Cordoba was a trumpet player and a music producer.
He had worked at the Estacion Provincial cultural centre in La Plata since 2006.

He married Amado Cattaneo in 2017.

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