World Cup 2022: Alcohol And All Other Restrictions in Qatar

By Nnaemeka Nwala
2 Min Read
Qatar will be hosting Ecuador in the first encounter of the tournament.
The host nation has made a significant upgrade in the area of comfortability for the fans.

Together with the improvements are also the maintenance of the Islamic cultures and traditions of Qatar.

Let’s have a look at the other restrictions that fans will have to get adjusted to during the duration of the tournament.

Its no news that Qatar has banned the sale of beer at the Fifa World Cup 2022 stadiums. This will come as a disappointment to thousands of football fans around the world.

Due to the conservative nature of the Qatari society, more restrictions are in place and here are some of them.

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Restrictions at Qatar 2022

Dress Code

You don’t have to wear the thawb and keffiyeh or hijab to move around in Qatar.

But you have to make sure you dress modestly. Don’t go around wearing vests or shorts and short skirts.


Sex is very much off the menu for unmarried couples, there will likely not be one-night stands during the tournament, and sex is reserved for married couples.

Pride Flags

Fans support their country by raising their flags but it might as well be prohibited when it is used for political protests such as the LGBT, women’s rights, and feminism.

Fans will have to abide by the restrictions in other to have peace, enjoyment and relaxation at the World Cup fiesta.

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