World Cup Qualifiers: England Players Racially Abused

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England Players faced racism from the Hungarian fans during their world cup qualifiers encounter.

The racist chanting by Hungarian fans was targeted at Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham.

Gareth Southgate related the racist supporters to “dinosaurs” as they kept up with the “monkey chant”.

Several Hungary supporters inside the Puskas Arena hurled racist chants at Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham. It didn’t affect the players though, as England won the World Cup qualifier match 4-0.

England suffered a defeat in the hands of Italy just 53 days at Euro 2020. 

How An Evening Got  Ruined?

It could have been an evening for celebration but the racist chant ruined it. This abuse was aimed at the black players on the team. It wasn’t only the abuses, a flare was also thrown to accompany the insults.

What will be the  Sanction?

The next two UEFA-organised matches and a third match to be held in the stadium will be suspended due to racism and homophobic abuses. 

It was also said that no away fan could have made the atmosphere weren’t in attendance.  The racist chants were deafening as England’s players took the now-familiar knee posture before kick-off.

The monkey chant was later during the game, reacting to the incident Southgate said it was no surprise because his team has been a regular subject to racists.

What happened to other cases of Racism?

The team faced a similar situation at Euro 2020 qualifiers in Montenegro and Bulgaria.

“It sounds like there have been some incidents and everybody knows what we stand for as a team and that that’s completely unacceptable. Everything is being reported to UEFA and we have to see what happens from there,” said Southgate. 

He said the team (the players) knows that the world is changing. As expected, some people are stuck in the past. It reflects in their thinking, he said those people are dinosaurs. They will be stuck in the past forever because the world is modernizing.

“Hungary isn’t anywhere near as diverse in their population as our country is, it is still taking us a long, long time to get to where we need to get to, and inevitably, if other countries don’t have that same level of diversity, it is probably not in their thinking in the same way as in our country,” said Southgate. 

He promised that his team will continue to do what they do. They will continue to try to set the right example for young people in their country who will be more influenced by them than people will be elsewhere.


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