World’s First Flying Bike Emerges, Costs Over N300m

By Tapre Timine
2 Min Read

A Japanese company, AERWINS has reportedly produced an XTURISMO hoverbike also known as the first flying bike in the world.

It was gathered that the bike can stay in the air for 40 minutes straight with a maximum speed of 62 mph.

The bike is already on sale in Japan, but a smaller version would be released in America in 2023.

Its estimated price is $777,000 (N338,383,500.00).

Remarks from Thad Szott, the man who test-flew the bike, explained it was comfortable.

On the side of the machine, Szott noted it was not shaky while in flight.

See some reactions to the invention below:

@jedicathy said: “Now where are the jedi!”

@TeamTapey said: “This will be my next bike.”

@badniggafela said: “I like how there’s an American flag on it calling it the FIRST FLYING BIKE, meanwhile it’s officially documented china made one 5 years ago lol.”

@RobsterSM said: “Finally! This is how we’ll be arriving at venues for all Star Shaped events from now on. Welcome future, I waited for you all my life.”

@cpk_kc said: “If this is a kind of bike, then a horse is a meatbike.”

@Investacus asked: “So when can we get Star Wars speedsters?”

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