2023: Reactions as Peter Obi Begs for Donations

By Tapre Timine
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The presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi, has unveiled an official website to promote political campaigns and solicit funds ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

Obi, a former Anambra Governor, had encouraged his supporters to visit the official campaign website for the Obi-Datti Campaign organisation.

He then disclosed that donations from willing donors could also be made through the platform.

He had said:

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I invite every member of the OBIdient Family, and every supporter of our march to a new Nigeria to visit the official campaign website for the Obi-Datti Campaign organisation.

You can use that medium to support and donate in cash & kind to the campaign obidatticampaign.com – PO.”

This development, however, provoked mixed reactions as many queried Obi’s intentions since his supporters “Obidients” were fond of using the campaign tag “we no dey give shishi” interpreted as ‘we are not giving anything.’

On the other hand, his supporters argued that fundraising is key to actualisation of Obi’s presidency in 2023.

Obi had earlier drawn attention to foreign donations. Legal provisions had stated that it was illegal to raise campaign funds outside the country through unknown sources or anonymous groups.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user Alao Kayode said:

Honestly, Obi @PeterObi is just doing what he knows to do best, transaction to his benefit. This man knows he’s going nowhere! But he’ll be rich at the expense of gullible and hapless followers! Pity!!”

Tosin Adeda warned:

Peter Obi supporters, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. But i can boldly tell you that this is a scam. Lol.”

@Ade_Nurayan wondered:

You said you’re a multi billionaire with controlling shares in banks and multi nationals. True. Dip your hands in your pockets, spend your money and stop begging for donations all over the place.”

Ikenna Ezeibe insisted :

Let’s secure our future guys. Do the much you can.”

Bummie Aro said:

“Labour party posted an account for donation for the campaign, Peter Obi is posting another account for his campaign.

“It means you are not bothered about other candidates of the party who are also contesting. The aggregate donation is to help the party and not ONLY YOU.”

Daniel Regha said:

Peter Obi it’s quite !ronic that ur candidacy runs on the “No Shishi’ phenomenon but yet, u are allowing struggl!ng Nigerians fund ur campaign.

“The only thing u should be asking from the public is their votes, n¤t their money, cos u are filthy rich. This is an ! indirect extortion.”

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