Anambra: Gunmen Invade Cattle Market, Kill 20 cows, Goats

By Tapre Timine
1 Min Read

Over 20 cows and goats were killed when unknown gunmen reportedly stormed the Igboukwu cattle market in Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State.

According to reports, after attacking the Aguata local government secretariat, the gunmen proceeded to the livestock market, where they opened fire on the farm’s cows and goats.

During the attack on Thursday night, April 7, it was noted by newsmen that no life was lost.

As the attackers shot the animals, the owner of the animals, whose identity was not revealed, and other people in the area hurried to safety.

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One Mr Iyke Orji, who was at the scene recounted the incident.

He said: “The gunmen after burning Aguata Local Government secretariat, plied through Ekwulobia and headed straight to Igboukwu.

Stopping at Igboukwu area, there’s a cattle ranch where they sell over 30 cows by your right hand. The gunmen entered there and killed all the cows belonging to an Igbo man.”

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