BREAKING: US Court Jails Ghanaian For 40 months Over Internet Fraud 

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US Court Jails Ghanaian For 40 months Over Internet Fraud | Daily Report Nigeria

A United States court has jailed a Ghanaian for 40 months over internet fraud.

Richard Yaw Dorpe, 38, posed as a single 57-year-old man from Virginia Beach on “OurTime,” an online dating website for people over 50 years old.

The convict scammed one of his victims, a recently widowed 68 years old, into sending him over $300,000, computer, wristwatch, and clothes.

Richard Yaw Dorpe, a Ghanaian, was found guilty in the United States District Court following the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accused him on charges of money laundering, romance scams, and other fraudulent schemes aimed at aged persons in the United States.

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Judge Arenda Wright Allen on Friday declared that Mr. Dorpe will serve 40 months in a federal prison in the United States for the offenses.

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Mr. Allen was joined in the decision by Raj Parekh, acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, and Brian Dugan, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office.

According to court filings In May, Mr. Dorpe pleaded guilty to the allegations. He pretended to be a 57-year-old guy from Virginia Beach on dating websites in order to scam persons over the age of 50.

To scam his unknown victims, the fraudster reveals himself as a jeweler and travels abroad to buy gold and other jewelry.

He persuaded one of his victims, a recently widowed 68-year-old Chesapeake native, to give him more than $300,000 in cash, a computer, a wristwatch, and clothing.

The unwary widow had already mailed the requested items before realizing she had been duped.

Mr. Dorpe was extradited to the United States after the Ghanaian government authorized the request in January. He was then transported to Virginia’s Eastern District, where he was imprisoned.

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