Buhari And APC Led Administration’s 5 Years Down The Road

Buhari ANd APC

May 29, 2020, marked the 5th anniversary of the inauguration of the current Muhammadu Buhari and the APC led government. The sounds filling the atmosphere is that of mixed reactions.

There are loud sounds of drums, singing, and dancing in some quarters and sections applauding the gains of the present administration. While others in some quarters don’t seem to share the same sentiments.

While some are quick to point to some issues like the fight against corruption as part of the achievements of the present government amidst other things.

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Many are of the opinion that this government has not done enough to receive commendation from the people. They refer to the government as incompetent, under-performing, ineptitude, and lack of leadership Capacity.

It must be agreed that Corruption has been the bane of this society. Over the years corruption, financial misappropriation has been perpetuated at massive scales.

These issues have really impacted negatively on the economic development and socio-well-being of the nation. There have been stories of billions of naira stolen from the public coffers. Some laundered to Foreign accounts, while some are being stached away in all kinds of places in the country.

There has been high profile cases of corruption purported to be prosecuted by agencies saddled with the responsibility of fighting corruption.

Be that as it may, there have been discenting voices pointing to the selectiveness of the fight against corruption. Many believe that under, the Buhari administration corruption has deepened and the scale widespread more than what it was.

The argument of majority of the citizens is that at the expiration of the 8-year tenure of the present administration, its achievements will only be measured by the physical infrastructure this administration has put in place.

It is understandable that the basis of scoring this administration would be it’s enduring legacies and those tangible things like, electricity, good road networks, bridges, food, agricultural infrastructure, education, job creation, social and economic indices, that it has or has not put in place during it’s tenure.

Talking about economic indices, the economy of Nigeria has stepped very badly, with an all time low GDP. Nigeria is currently ranked as the poverty capital of the world.

Nigeria has become dangerously polarized and risk sliding into crisis on account of this administration’s lopsided appointments which continues to give undue preference to some sections of the country over others.

This can be clearly seen in appointments in the leadership structure of our security services. The north and members of one particular religious affinity have been favoured with high profile appointments, while others are being ignored.

These actions and many others have informed the accusations of nepotism, religious bigotry and favouritism levelled against this government.

Recently, the country has been thrown into all kinds of controversy by its handling of the fight of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

There has been series of accusations ranging from lack of transparency, insensitivity and mostly, the misappropriation of funds received or budgeted for the fight against the spread and containment of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Many believe that the government has not done enough to earn the trust of the people. The disbursement of funds and distribution of Palletives meant to cushion the adverse effects of the pandemic were filled with rumours of manipulations with intent to favour some regions and those of a particular political affinity.

Indeed, many are of the opinion that the outbreak of the CoronaVirus pandemic has really exposed the ineptitude and lack of transparency of the Buhari administration.

Eyebrows have been raised over the issue of the home-breed school feeding program of school children who are right now in their parents home with the schools on Lockdown.

However, this administration has to work extra hard to regain the confidence of the populace. There is hunger in the land, massive army of unemployed youths, skyrocketing market prices and falling oil prices.

This government has less than three years to redeem its battered image, right the wrongs and rewrite history.

Eventually what becomes the verdict on this present administration is left to posterity to judge.

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