Dangers of Famous Milky Doughnuts Revealed

Nigerians may be surprised to discover that the famous Milky Doughnuts, generously smothered in powdered or condensed milk, could pose more health risks than anticipated.

After meticulous research on the popular snack, medical experts have expressed concerns about its safety and urge Nigerians to consume it in moderation.

These health professionals, interviewed by PUNCH on Monday, April 8, have flagged several potential health issues associated with Milky Doughnuts, including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

They revealed that the nutritional value of the doughnuts is notably low, falling short of essential nutrients.

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According to the experts, Milky Doughnuts are laden with high levels of fat, sugar, and calories, which can contribute to unhealthy weight gain.

Charles Ogunikpe, a dietician said:

These doughnuts lack nutrients and can increase the risk of gum disease and cavities due to their high sugar content. Additionally, Milky Doughnuts have a high glycemic index, leading to blood sugar spikes.”

The Milky Doughnut phenomenon originated on TikTok, captivating Nigerians with clips and reels that celebrated their irresistible sweetness.

It then spilled over to X (formerly Twitter), where skit makers enthusiastically showcased homemade versions.

Online vendors swiftly capitalized on the newfound fame, heavily promoting and advertising this delectable snack.

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