“Do People Still Get Married Because of Love?”- Actress Yvonne Nelson Asks

By Tapre Timine
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Actress Yvonne Nelson has questioned on Twitter the purpose of marriage.

According to a piece from her post, people get married for different reasons that will profit them.

She also wondered if love-based marriages still exist.

She said:

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Some marry for the money, others for a passport, others for kids, others because of a banging body, etc etc errmm. Do peeps still marry because they love each other or because one is intelligent? Or does everyone now have an agenda?”

In the end, the actress concluded that indeed people get married not for love, but for selfish purposes.

Again, she said:

In marriage, everyone has an agenda. Society told us otherwise. Our parents told us otherwise. Our church told us otherwise.”

See her post below:

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