Don’t Financially Support a Woman Until You’re Married – Reno Omokri

By Tapre Timine
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Nigerian human activist, Reno Omokri has instructed single men on Friday, April 29 via Twitter never to give their girlfriends money.

He viewed that ladies who have the habit of asking men for funds during courtship will only bring a man to his downfall.

Reno however, said that for those who tend to care for themselves and help a man save money, will bring him fortune.

Giving another theory to financial success, Omokri urged men to give their parents money, before and after marriage whether they are richer or not.

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After marriage, he advised men to give their wives money not minding if she is richer than him or not.

He said;

Dear single men,

Any girl you date, who insists on being financially maintained by you will only bring pollutions into your life.

But a girl you court, who maintains herself financially, and also encourages you to save, will bring solutions into your life

To succeed in life as a man, simply follow these two simple rules:

Before marriage, financially support your parents, even if they are billionaires.

After marriage, financially support your wife, even if she is richer than you. And continue to financially appreciate your parents, even if your wife disagrees.

As small as it sounds, do them and God will flourish your hustle.

#RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu.”

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