EDITORIAL: Hike in Tuition Fees And Future of Education In Delta State

Gunmen Kill Medical Student, Kidnap Two Others in Delta University
Delta State University, Abraka

In sane climes the world over, education is prided as the bedrock of civilization and the fulcrum for technological and scientific breakthroughs.

Little wonder, in Sweden, education is beautifully cherished and heavily funded by government with a blend of inspiring policies that ensure every child born in Sweden compulsorily gets educated.

The Swedish policy with regard to education is such that no child is left behind (uneducated). Their education system is handsomely and perfectly designed and modeled in a way that children, not gifted with fast learning, are systematically taken through formal education and eventually schooled to catch up with smarter students.

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The near perfect system of education in Sweden is unarguably the reason crime rate in that country is zero.

In the same light, USA, UK, European countries, and most countries in Asia have excellent policies that drive their education system. In these countries, one thing is sure: “every child must have basic education.”

In addition, those who wish to proceed to university but cannot fund it, have an opportunity of getting education loan to finance their education to PhD level, after which the loans would be repaid when job has been secured.

Just as these progressive countries make unprecedented achievements in every facet of human endeavours, just for one and applauded reason – “making education accessible for all,” one is taken aback as to why Delta state would choose to go the reverse way by jettisoning importance of education and ignominiously taking further steps to promoting “illiteracy” with tenacity through astronomical increase in tuition fees in tertiary institutions.

We are greatly worried that as the government of Senator Okowa goes on with this unpopular policy, growth of education in the state will nosedive as large number of youths whose parents or guardians cannot pay the exorbitant tuition fees will obviously drop out of school. That way, the government would have succeeded in fertilizing the grounds for hooliganism and violent crimes to breed and torment the state in later years.

Interestingly, the government of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, since it came on board, broached an economic revamping template: “SMART Agenda,” popularised by a slogan: “prosperity for all Deltans,” which has become a mantra within the corridor of the government.

This slogan, as it is being trumpeted very loudly tends to create an impression that prosperity is visible, touchable, and seeable in every nook and cranny of the state.

However, Governor Okowa’s government will have to do more work to be able to take the state and the people out of the woods.

That is the reason the government must give priority to adequate funding of education, as it will be a potent driver of the prosperity for all Deltans vision of the governor.

Suffice it to say that within the fabrics of government, those saddled with governance are under an obligation to regularly “feel the pulse” of the citizens to be able to understand their needs, then strategically take positive steps to address them head on.

Against the backdrop of public outcry that greets the increase in the fees saga in Delta state, we strongly condemn any actions being taken by Governor Okowa’s government to increase tuition fees.

Being a trained medical doctor, Governor Okowa would rightly know the importance of education in development of humanity. To be precise, it is a fundamental function of government, as enshrined in 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), to strive to eradicate illiteracy, by providing free, compulsory universal primary education, including university education when practicable.

Truth is, among the 36 states in Nigeria, Delta State, being rich in oil-wealth, is comparably fit to subsidize education for its citizens, but not to subject them to the pangs of excessive tuition fees.

Deltans are unhappy about the lately anti-people policy governor Okowa is expending much energy to foist on the poor citizens.

We call on the government of Delta State to stay action on hike in tuition fees. It is an unpopular and obnoxious policy that will discredit any good work Governor Okowa is noted to have been doing since he took over the reins of government.

Such harsh policy amounts to taking the peoples of Delta State back to Egypt.

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