Examination Malpractice and The Future of Education in Delta State

The world over, quality education is critical to human development.

According to World Bank, “education is instrumental to fostering growth, reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity. It benefits not just the individual, but also the entire educational system of the state and humanity in general,” says Pathways International.

Small wonder, breakthroughs in technological advancements and economic prosperity in European countries, including the United States of America, Canada, and the Asian Tiger may not be unconnected with huge funding, and proper management of the education sector.

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Surprisingly, at the home front, secondary education in Delta state is seriously in deep crisis, occasioned by an astronomical rise in examination malpractice.

Grotesquely, this monster has continued to ravage the education sector like a wildfire, but the government of the day has not shown credible capacity to nip the worsening trend in the bud, even as perpetrators of this dastardly act have become emboldened every day as they continue waxing strong in the crime with impunity.

Suffice it to say that past and present governments’ policies on education had oftentimes been laced with invigorating contents that projected a supposedly positive stance of the Delta state government towards sanitizing the education sector and revamping its ailing infrastructure.

But, implementation of these policies had become a recurring mirage, just as the worsening trend of examination fraud stares us in the face.

Such absurdity obviously underpins the “I don’t care attitude” of the government – the Ministry of Education, and the Commissioner of Education towards ensuring high academic standards in the schools are not compromised.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the continuous failings of the Delta state government to tackle head-on, the many vices clogging the progress wheel of secondary education is giving vent to public opprobrium, just as the credibility of the government takes a nosedive.

On a stern note, therefore, examination malpractice must not be tolerated in our secondary schools, including the tertiary institutions. Thus, all hands must be on deck to expeditiously rout the ravaging crime and ensure the perpetrators face the wrath of the laws of the land.

Recall that Delta state is prided as one of the educationally advantaged states in Nigeria, an honour earned with dint of hard work and unfettered commitment to promoting academic excellence by past administrators of the state who stuck to their guns to promoting quality education with unwavering commitment.

It is a welcome development that the government of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa must sustain by ensuring academic standard in the state does not wane today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead.

In other words, raising the standard of education in the state should be the creed of the Delta State government which must be promoted jealously, so as to earn the trust of the people.

It is in this vein that we join the millions of good-spirited Deltans to urge the government of Delta State to wage serious war against the institutions, individuals, proprietors, proprietress, students, and examination racketeers that brazenly indulge in examination malpractice, and deal with them decisively within the confine of the extant laws.

They are enemies of the state who are bent on bastardizing education in the state in the quest for ill-gotten wealth.

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