Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh Found Dead And Dismembered In US

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ride-hailing company Gokada, Fahim Saleh, is dead.

According to New York Times, Salleh’s dismembered and decapitated remains were found in his residence at Manhattan’s Lower East Side, on Tuesday.

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However, his pet dog “Laila” was found alive in the apartment of 265, East Houston Street near Suffok Street.

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The 33-year-old technology entrepreneur was murdered by yet-to-be identified assailant who dismembered him and scattered his body parts in different locations within his home.

The US Homicides Detectives also said that efforts were made by the assailant to clean up evidences of the murder crime.

His death was discovered by his sister around 3:30 p.m on Tuesday, when she went to check on him after not hearing from him for a day, as said by the US police.

Meanwhile, a surveillance camera had captured a video of Salleh in the building’s elevator with another unknown masked person wearing a black suit.

From the video, Salleh could be seen struggling with the unknown man as the elevator door opens after which he went into the apartment with the masked person following him directly behind. His sister was seen in the video arriving a short time later.

The late technology entrepreneur was born in Saudi Arabia, an offspring of the Bangladeshi immigrants. He started Gokada in Lagos state in 2018, raised $5.3 million in venture capital in June, 2019.

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