‘I Was Just Catching Cruise, Forgive me,’ Lady Who Claimed Intimacy With Dogs For N1.5m Begs

Daily Report Nigeria
Daily Report Nigeria

The young lady who claimed she had sexual intercourse with a dog for N1.5 million has apologized to Nigerians.

Simply identified as @Veegodess, the lady said she only made the video to ‘catch cruise.’

She made the apology on Sunday after the Nigerian Police Force declared her wanted for beastial behavior.

“For clarification purposes, I didn’t do anything with any dog or whatsoever, I’m not the one in the video. The video I made was just for cruise. I didn’t mean and I’ve deleted the video since.

“So guys, please accept my apology. I’m sorry for making that video. I’m really sorry. Please stop the insults. It’s getting to me.

“I’m not the one in any video and I’ve deleted the video. Please accept my apology and stop the insults,” she pleaded.

In another video, @Veegodess was seen crying and denying having sexual relationship with a dog for N1.5m.

She lamented that her boyfriend broke up with her, and called on Nigerians to plead with him as she was only ‘catching cruise.’

“I was only catching cruise, I didn’t sleep with any dog. Now my boyfriend as broken up with me. Please help me beg my boyfriend.”

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