Lady Threatens Suicide After Fiance Caught Her Cheating 3 Weeks to Their Wedding

A young lady has threatened to take her life after she was caught cheating by her fiance three weeks to their wedding.

The lady identified simply as Chinwe was left with no choice than to make confession of all her escapades after as she was given an ultimatum to either tell or have the wedding cancelled.

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Chinwe had lied that she went to see her friend Jenifer when her fiance enquired about her whereabouts of the previous day.

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The fiance who stated he has been warned severally about Chinwe’s unfaithfulness lamented how he has been played for a whole four years, thinking he was with a virtuous woman.

In trying to explain herself, Chinwe revealed that she has been cheating with lecturer since her first year in school.

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The fiance who turned out to be privy to all that has happened with Chinwe and one Mr Uzor called off their wedding with immediate effect as she threatened to commit suicide if he leaves.

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Written by Tare Magbei

Tare Magbei is a media practitioner with Daily Report Nigeria.

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