PAP: G4 Backs Otuaro, Cites Competence

In a significant development amid recent agitations against the appointment of Dr. Dennis Otuaro, the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP), influential Niger Delta group, G4, has thrown its weight behind Otuaro, asserting his competence to lead the pivotal intervention program at this critical juncture.

The Niger Delta region has long been a focal point of socio-economic and political contention, with the Presidential Amnesty Program serving as a cornerstone of government efforts to address grievances and foster peace in the region.

However, recent demands for Otuaro’s removal by acclaimed stakeholders and civil society groups have sparked debate over the program’s leadership.

The G4, comprising of Comr. Christian Talbort – Chairman, Hon. Ken Oyakemeagbegha – SecretaryC, omr. Okilo Emiemene and Comr. Clement Bebefagha has emerged as a formidable voice in the ongoing discourse.

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The group in a statement on expressed unwavering support for Otuaro, citing his qualifications and leadership acumen as indispensable assets in steering the program forward.

“Dr. Dennis Otuaro possesses the requisite experience, expertise, and commitment to effectively administer the Presidential Amnesty Program,” G4 said.

“His track record of service and dedication to the betterment of the Niger Delta community is undeniable, and we firmly believe that he is the right individual to navigate the challenges facing the program,” the statement added.

The endorsement from G4 comes amidst heightened tensions and scrutiny surrounding the Presidential Amnesty Program, with critics pointing to alleged mismanagement and inefficiencies under Otuaro’s stewardship.

However, supporters argue that his tenure promises tangible progress and proactive measures to address underlying issues within the program.

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