PSJ Group Endorses Senate’s Bill Banning Open Grazing

Anti-Open Grazing Bill: Miyetti Allah Demands 750,000 Hectares of Land for Ranching in Delta | Daily Report Nigeria

The International Organisation for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ Nigeria) has endorsed the Nigerian Senate’s bill prohibiting open grazing and establishing the National Animal Husbandry and Ranches Commission.

Addressing journalists on Friday in Jos, PSJ Programme Manager Sam Odeh praised the legislative initiative as a welcome development, stressing the need for peaceful coexistence among diverse communities.

Odeh explained that the persistent farmer-herder crisis has resulted in many losses of lives and property, threatening national unity.

He commended the bill sponsored by Senator Titus Zam (APC/Benue West) as a sustainable solution aligning with PSJ Nigeria’s vision of a peaceful Nigeria where all communities thrive together.

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The proposed bill offers numerous benefits, including enhanced food safety, economic growth, and job creation.

Ranching ensures healthier meat and milk production, while the establishment of ranches promises to stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities, fostering a robust and sustainable agricultural sector.

Odeh pointed out that open grazing has rendered 134,208 hectares of land in central Nigeria uncultivable, drastically reducing food crop production.

He commended the Senate’s move to ban open grazing, which will effectively utilize agricultural lands for food production, mitigate food shortages, and stabilize the nation’s economy by bolstering agricultural output.

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Written by Tapre Timine

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