Tantita: IYC Slams Navy, Calls For Renewal of Surveillance Contract

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Dr. Doubra Collins Okotete speaking at the 55th annual Boro Day

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Western Zone has declared its support for Tantita Security Services Limited.

The youth body also condemned the actions of the Nigerian Navy for arresting and parading operatives of the security outfit.

In a statement signed by Dr. (Comrade) Doubra Collins Okotete (Chairman), Comrade Olu Derimo (Secretary) and Lugard Izoukumor (Information Officer), the IYC called on President Bola Tinubu to reconsider the pipeline surveillance contract and rearward it to Tompolo.

It reads;

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Firstly, we are proud of Tompolo and we commend the efforts of his Tantita Security in ensuring the safety and security of pipelines within the Niger Delta region. Their professionalism, dedication, and track record of success have been exemplary.

Tantita’s services in the fight against oil theft has been invaluable, providing and protecting vital infrastructure and preventing the loss of revenue for the Nigerian government.

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However, we are deeply concerned about recent incidents involving the Nigerian Navy in the region in their desperate move to work with enemies of the Niger Delta within Niger Delta and outsiders to malign and continuously detract the good work of Tantita Security.

In light of these concerns, we call upon, His Excellency President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to renew the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo as he has the capacity as a prominent leader who has immensely sacrificed for the peace and development of the Niger Delta region.

Tompolo has demonstrated his commitment to the protection of pipelines and the development of our communities. His experience, expertise, and understanding of the local dynamics make him the best for this crucial responsibility.

Moreover, we also believe that renewing the contract to Tompolo would foster a harmonious relationship between the government and the Niger Delta communities. This would not only ensure the safety of pipelines but also create opportunities for local employment, skills development, and economic growth.

The IYC urges His Excellency President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to prioritize the interests and aspirations of the Niger Delta people. By considering our recommendations, he can pave the way for a mutually beneficial partnership that promotes peace, prosperity, and sustainable development in the region. President Tinubu needs Tompolo to achieve his “Renewed Hope Agenda”

The IYC stands firmly with Tantita Security, and in its strongest terms condemn the actions of the Nigerian Navy, and appeals to His Excellency President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to reaward the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo. We believe that this decision will contribute to the overall progress and well-being of the Niger Delta region with a lot of positive advantages.

Advantages of Renewing The Pipeline Surveillance to Tompolo:

1. Economic Advantages: Awarding the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo would contribute to the economic growth of the Niger Delta region and the country as a whole. It would create more job opportunities for the local youths, reducing unemployment and poverty levels in the region. The protection of oil assets would increase the production capacity of Nigeria, which wound stimulate local businesses and boost the overall economy.

2. Reduction in Youth Restiveness and Criminality: Providing employment through the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo would significantly reduce youth restiveness and criminal activities in the Niger Delta. By engaging the youths in productive work, they would have less inclination towards engaging in illegal activities and would instead focus on contributing positively to society and nation-building.

3. Environmental Protection: Tompolo’s expertise and experience in the region make him well-equipped to ensure effective environmental protection. The surveillance of pipelines would help prevent oil spills and other forms of environmental degradation, preserving the sanctity of the marine life and mangrove environment in the Niger Delta. This would have long-term benefits for both the ecosystem and the communities that rely on it.

4. Improved Health and Life Expectancy: The pollution hazards caused by oil spills and pipeline vandalism have had severe health implications for the people in the Niger Delta. By reawarding the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo, the risk of oil spills and subsequent pollution would be minimized. This would result in improved health conditions and a reduction in the death rate among the affected communities, consequently increasing life expectancy.

5. Local Expertise and Understanding: Tompolo’s deep understanding of the local dynamics and his familiarity with the challenges faced by the Niger Delta communities make him an ideal candidate for the pipeline surveillance contract. His extensive network and knowledge of the region would enable him to effectively address the specific needs and concerns of the local communities.

6. Community Development: Awarding the contract to Tompolo would not only ensure the security of pipelines but also promote community development in the Niger Delta. Through corporate social responsibility initiatives, we believe Tompolo could also invest in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other essential services, uplifting the standard of living and well-being of the people in the region.

In summary, awarding the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo would bring numerous advantages such as economic growth, employment opportunities, environmental protection, improved health, and community development. It would be a strategic decision to address the pressing issues in the Niger Delta and foster sustainable development in the region.

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Written by Tare Magbei

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