Terry G Voices Concern Over Cultism Dominating Nigerian Music Industry

Terry G

Popular singer Terry G has expressed concern that the Nigerian music industry is now dominated by cultists, making it difficult for those like him who are not involved to operate freely.

In the latest episode of the Afrobeats Podcast, Terry G lamented that the prevalence of cultism has disrupted the unity in the music industry. He emphasized that removing cultism would foster unity once again.

“In my time, cultism used to be in the universities. But now, it has entered into the music industry,” Terry G said. “If we can remove it from the music industry, we would be [one] family again. But if there’s a frat in the music industry, people like us who are not cultists cannot operate anymore.”

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Reflecting on the past, he added, “When we held sway, there were people involved in cultism but it wasn’t violent. It was about love and solidarity. But now, I can see the same family fighting among themselves. That’s just the major problem of the Nigerian music industry.”

Terry G also pointed out that many musicians are now hesitant to pursue their careers due to the growing influence of cultism. He urged for efforts to reduce the prevalence of cultism in the music industry to allow genuine talent to flourish.

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