US Imposes Visa Ban on Nigeria’s 2023 Elections Riggers

The government of the United States (US) has imposed visa restrictions on politicians and other individuals who were involved in undermining Nigeria’s 2023 elections.

It was said that the move was part of the US commitment to support Nigeria’s democratic process and rule of law.

Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken made this announcement in a statement on Monday.

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Blinken said on Twitter:

We have imposed visa restrictions on specific individuals who undermined the democratic process during Nigeria’s 2023 elections.

“We remain committed to supporting Nigerian aspirations to strengthen democracy and rule of law.”

Blinken, although, did not provide specific names of those who will be affected by the visa bans.

However, it was believed that the US government was taking a strong stance against any actions that undermine Nigeria’s democratic process.

Details shortly…

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