What to Focus on After Secondary School Education

By Daily Report Nigeria
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By Samuel Titim

Money is important for growth and development. But, that is not the next point of action after your secondary school education.

That can only be necessary for a person who do not wish to be formally educated.

It is meant to be after one’s tertiary education as a student that the urge of making money should be in you.

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This is one of the reason most young people in the society today are into fraud, because they haven’t built a career for themselves, which can serve as a means of livelihood.

Instead of chasing money at after secondary school, do this and money will come along with them.

1. Invest in yourself

You should never stop investing in yourself. Always go out looking well dressed. Invest in your happiness and make sure you’re living a good life.

You will get to know yourself better and become your best self, only if you prioritize things that protect your self care.

2. Invest in healthy food

A healthy diet is essential for your mental & physical health. Good health is the first guarantee to living well. It protects you from diseases while playing a huge role in your mood and energy levels.

Balance your meals with fruit, vegetables and sea foods.

3. Invest in courses

Sure, you can learn as many courses in different areas of life. A course will save you A LOT of time.

You will gain a sense of achievement and a better way to develop yourself while being sure you’re getting pure quality.

4. Invest in knowledge

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” There is no downside to learning. Knowledge opens the doors to:
• Wealth
• Success
• Achievement
• Opportunities
Knowledge is power. Remember this!

5. Invest in experience

When you invest in experiences, you:
• Gain maturity
• Gain confidence
• Get to know yourself
• Learn important life lessons.

Bad or good, experiences will help you grow, mature and progress as a person. So don’t be afraid to take risks.

6. Invest in books

Books will help you boost many aspects of your life. Don’t restrict yourself only to book in your field. Read self development books, and book on psychology and mindset.

Books will help:
• Enhance sleep
• Improve your memory
• Improve general knowledge
• Reduce anxiety & depression.
Don’t underestimate the power of reading books.

7. Invest in friends

Giving has never made anyone poor. There’s nothing better than surprising a friend with a gift and seeing their smile light up on their face. Sometimes give to friends when they are having pressing needs.

“The happiest people are the one’s who make others happy.”

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